Girl Next Door

Nolan struggled with his sexual identity as a child but could count on Lucy to help him when he needed it. Best friends since the cradle, they grew up together and are always there for each other. Suffering from a break up from his significant other Kevin, Lucy senses Nolan needs her and shows up to offer her unconditional love and support. As always. And maybe have some fun with his partner, known ladies man John.

John has always chased the girls, but lately it isn't enough. He finds himself dreaming of his friend and partner Nolan, a definite gay man. Struggling with this unfamiliar desire he zeroes in on Nolan's childhood friend Lucy, a free spirit and staunch believer in non-commitment sex. Together they explore new frontiers in the sexual realm but John still can't shake his fantasies of Nolan? Could it be more than curiosity?

Lucy got burned by her first boyfriend and as a result is a no-commitment girl. She's all for fun and games but her heart is off the table. The only man she trusts is Nolan but he's not interested in women. When she meets John she senses a kindred spirit but also a possible answer to all three of their dilemma's. Could a threesome work where only two can't?

The author took on a big task with this book and I got the impression there might be a sequel since some things were left unsettled. Lucy acts as a catalyst for a relationship between John and Nolan who are both too cautious to risk their friendship by pursuing the other. John discovers he's not as straight as he originally thought and has to deal with the fallout that leaves behind. Lucy is forced to face her own emotional issues and Nolan, the most stable emotionally, has to learn to demand more rather than settling for what he is given. A very adventurous and sexy read, that although it was primarily about Nolan and John finding one another, focused more on John and Lucy. If there is a sequel, I will definitely be interested in reading it.

Book Blurb for Girl Next Door

Despite being betrayed and robbed by his long-term lover, gay paramedic Nolan Crane remains an undaunted romantic. He’s looking for true love to heal his broken heart. His partner and friend, John Krulak, is straight and commitment-phobic. He’s not looking for anything more than his next one-night stand. But lately, the thrill of the hunt doesn’t satisfy him.

Lucy Bellino is Nolan’s oldest friend. She loves him dearly, but platonically. With his permission, she’s delighted to have sex with John--anytime, anywhere. But even wildly adventurous sex with Lucy (against the wall in an alley, in the stationhouse in the middle of a shift, or with Lucy bound and blindfolded in the back of a van) can’t satisfy John the way his alarming new fantasies about his partner do.

All three carry scars from their past. All three are looking for some kind of lasting happiness. But if they’re going to have a future together, they’ll each have to find a way past their fears. And when one of them puts his own life in danger, it’s clear that the time for waiting is over. Ready or not, Nolan and his best friends are about to become lovers.

Publisher's Note:This book was previously released by another publisher but has been re-edited and revised.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.75