Fueled by Lust, #9

Geleon is the gentle giant who just wants his mate to want him back. She's been running since he met her and he doesn't understand why. He knows she's not afraid of him but she is definitely afraid of something. He perseveres and pursues and gets his girl, but they go through a lot to get their happily ever after.

Jaelyn is determined to keep the family farm just that; in the family. Being away from home and the woman who raised her is hard, but she's doing all she can to help out her grandmother. When Geleon starts making himself irresistible at the same time things are feeling "off" at home, she cuts and runs. She never suspects that Geleon isn't far behind.

I've enjoyed this series a lot and the author does a stellar job with the intricate story line and how all characters interact. The driving back story is what has really got me intrigued and this book provides a lot of insight into just that, while raising more questions that will keep me tuned in. Each book is like a reunion for previous characters and I love that aspect so much. For me, the romance is the least interesting aspect (although appreciated and enjoyed). I'm in it for the machinations and mystery that surround the lost 100 and their offspring as well as the fascinating life of those on Insedivertus.

Book Blurb for Geleon

Hey! Yeah, you! Want in on a juicy secret? Geleon Thaice sure does. Why is the mysterious female of his dreams, wet or otherwise, constantly slipping through his hands? All he craves is to shower her with love and make her his own. Is that so bad? Is it just the fingers of fate doling out yet another allotment of misery upon his head? Or has destiny slyly laid a precise path that's been waiting patiently for centuries? Jaelyn Areeda just wants to peacefully survive another day, but the cosmos have her violently colliding with forces out of her control, falling into the capable, muscle-packed arms of a sinfully sexy alpha alien hell bent on inserting himself into her life... as well as her heart, mind, and soul. Will she run--or stay? Book 9 in the Fueled By Lust Series doesn't fail in delivering up another scrumptiously hunky male to whet your appetite, make you drool, and dare to love.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.00