Fyre Brand

Fyre Brand by Lora Leigh is a stand alone book, but it's also part of an anthology. It's best read as part of the Elemental Desires anthology...but if you can't get that book this is still a great story. Overall this was my favorite story in the anthology.

Three sisters who are the descendants of the greatest psychics that ever lived. Their descendant, Tyre, took over the world, and destroyed it as best he could when he could no longer hold it. Years later, the PSI Agency is looking for all descendants of Tyre and they decide who is to live, die, be chemically neutralized or permanently incarcerated. Someone has identified the three women, and agents are sent to determine the danger they may or may not present. The three sisters each command an element: Rayne controls water, Jezermiah controls wind, and Carmella controls fire. 

Fyre Brand is about Carmella...

As usual, the author presents a scorching (no pun intended) tale. Carmella has not one but two agents, who both know that she is destined for them. Carmella is resistant, in more ways than one, and fights herself more than her pursuers. Her journey to trusting her men to control her fire element was sexy, and the story was full of emotion from all parties. 

Book Blurb for Fyre Brand

She holds the elemental power of fire within her grasp, able to sear, to destroy. But her heart holds the fear of repeating her ancestors' mistakes. Now, amid a world fighting to rebuild, Carmella must learn that she cannot control the power surging through her fragile body alone. She'll need help. But can she accept the future her leader Torren has seen, and the touch of a stranger who is more than he seems?

Publisher's Note: Previously available in the Elemental Desires anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.25