Full Exposure

Fourteen years of being around a person can really put a crimp in plans for seduction. Keeley has known Sean forever it seems. He’s her cousin’s best friend, and being known as “Squints” isn’t exactly the moniker she’s looking for. How can she snag the man she knows is meant for her?
Fighting his attraction for years, to preserve his friendship with her cousin, Sean is pushed to the limit when Keeley makes an appointment at his photography studio for a photo shoot. He thinks she wants modeling shots, but she wants boudoir photos. When she comes out dressed in almost nothing, the game of wills is on. Who will win? Or will anyone lose?
I absolutely adored this story. Every woman has that someone she yearned for but was afraid to pursue. It was an engrossing read that had me from the get-go. Seeing Keeley find her self-confidence in herself to go after Sean was inspiring. Watching Sean struggle between what he thought was right and what he really needed was entertaining as well. The foreplay up to the end of the story was hot and creative, and the ending more than satisfactory. Definitely a great read. 

Book Blurb for Full Exposure

Keeley Jackson has a problem. She’s madly in love with her cousin’s friend Sean Hastings, but the trouble is, he doesn’t know she exists. All he sees is the flat-chested little girl with the big glasses whom he always called “Squints”.

Despite what she might think, Sean has definitely noticed Keeley is all grown up. The proof is right there every time he looks her way. He’s just not sure if he’s willing to risk losing his best friend in order to have her.

For Keeley, enough is enough. With the help of her best friend, she cooks up a plan that will surely show Sean she’s not a little girl any longer, even if that means posing suggestively for erotic photographs. It’s a risky venture, but Keeley knows in order to get Sean for herself she will have to risk nothing less than full exposure.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.25