Fueled by Lust: Keos

Fueled by Lust, #10

Wee bit of a spin on the story in that the primary characters mostly interacted through the inadvertent insertion into a highly advanced version of a video game. Keos and Everly have to learn to work together, with Everly's troublemaking brother, to get free from the game. Keos knows Everly is his intended, and Everly is convinced Keos is a flaming psycho.

Story moved at a nice pace with the continuing backstory that I had to take a minute to catch up with from my previous reviews. Cameos from previous couples, of course, and the looming specter of something ominous on the horizon for Insedivertus. Personally, I liked that the couple was cut off from the real word, forcing them both to work for what they wanted and to come to the realizations they needed to without too much interference. The younger brother added a different perspective and his antics, while nothing new to Everly, activated something in Keos that finally got through to the young man.

I've thoroughly enjoyed the series and the teaser the author inserted for the next (I hope) book has me anxious to read. And I so have to find one of these warriors for the reverse aging that an age disparate couple activates, not to mention the total focus of love and concern they bestow on their mate.

Book Blurb for Fueled by Lust: Keos

Keos Nazario had one task: retrieve stolen technology or compromise the empire. But crashing into a luscious female when seconds away from a successful mission wasn't part of his equation. Neither was forcing her and the thieving male back to Insedivertus for an audience with the emperor. Could she ever forgive him, or would he always be the one that stole her body but lost her heart? Everly Burke had no clue that coming home early would land her in a hot mess. Instead of the craved soak in a tub, she got a trip through a surrealistic world fraught with danger and a firm understanding that life, as she knew it, was over. Throw in a personal battle with a mouthwatering alien, past demons simmering beneath the surface, and a heart unwilling to defrost...the bomb was sure to explode. Book 10 in the FBL Series continues delivering up one excruciatingly delicious warrior after another. Want one?

[Siren Classic: Erotic Fantasy Paranormal Sci-Fi Romantic Suspense, HEA]

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.50