Friendly Seduction

Apparently Sara Banks held onto her virginity too long; now it’s just scary to the opposite sex. Determined to remove the albatross around her neck she heads to the local watering hole intent on hooking up with the first guy who looks past her tomboy past. It’s a small town after all. Too bad her best friends Rob and Marc are united in their mission to block all takers. And why is that?

It’s never been the right time to make a move on Sara, but that time may have finally arrived. She’s finally unattached so both Rob and Marc decide to make their play for her hand. But since they’ve been friends since kindergarten she’s just not getting the signals. Time to get physical instead of subtle.

This short tale stretched my imagination quite a bit. I had a hard time making the leap from sandbox to bedsprings, and certainly didn’t see it happening with all three. That said, the author did a good job painting the picture of hidden longing on all sides, and that made it easier to believe. The wide difference between their respective parents, and their imagined responses, led to certainty for some, shock for others. My favorite part was probably the “cone of silence” scene just for the sheer hilarity. I was left feeling like the relationship was hanging at the end, and that more is to come. Foreshadowing was also done concerning Marc’s brother, which just has me thinking a sequel is coming. And if not, it should be to give me the closure I crave.

Book Blurb for Friendly Seduction

Sara Banks is a virgin. Apparently that word can make a grown man run scared—at least that’s what her last boyfriend did. Now she’s on a mission to shed her good-girl persona and start living. But the best Helios, Arizona, has to offer pales in comparison to her best friends Rob and Marc. She’d love nothing more than to go home with them—either of them. If only they could see past their childhood friend to the woman she’s become.

Rob and Marc can’t believe their eyes when they enter the hottest bar in town and see tomboy Sara dressed to kill, doing the bump and grind on the dance floor. Once they learn she’s finally single, the hunt is on. Each is determined to prove he’s the only man Sara needs. But to get the girl of their dreams, the best plan of attack might just be a joint, friendly seduction.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 3.50