Freeing the Prisoner

A Kindred Tales Novel

While Kyron is indeed confined in a cell, what really keeps him prisoner is his own morals and code of ethics. He could free himself easily if he used the gift the goddess gave his kind, but he doesn't. His restraint costs him but it also rewards him. In his captivity he meets Dani, a princess on the world he's trapped on. Unfortunately, a princess doesn't mean much on this planet. Dani is merely a pawn, albeit a loved one, to her father. She has no say in her future, her everyday life or even an opinion. What attracts her to Kyron is he listens to her and from their conversations love blooms.

Another planet that is, by earth standards, royally screwed up. Between the wardrobe allowed Dani to her sex determining her worth, I found this world really irritating. When things get taken too far by politics and the machinations of Dani's nemesis, the title takes on an entirely new meaning. Kyron takes instantly to Dani, and vice versa, and that is the power that drives this story along. With her trademark foreplay, the author keeps the reader going through all the trials and tribulations that eventually lead to the couple having their HEA.

There was violence and romance and I loved reading about a new Kindred. Kyron's oath was a blessing and a curse, and his devotion to both his oath and Dani led to some interesting developments. In the end, Dani and Kyron freed one another to be together, as the Goddess intended.

Book Blurb for Freeing the Prisoner

A warrior taken prisoner, held in chains without hope

A princess fascinated by the strange alien male

When Dani slips into the prisoner's cell to learn more about him,

she doesn't expect to fall in love

But Kyron is a Touch Kindred…

able to Touch her even though his hands are chained

Will he also Touch her heart? Will Dani help him escape?

Find out in Freeing the Prisoner…

Kyron is a Touch Kindred, able to physically touch others with the power of his mind and Touch sense, but he has sworn a solemn vow to use his power only for good. When he is captured and held prisoner on the small planet of Goshan Prime, his resolve is sorely tested. He's beaten, starved, and kept constantly chained. There's only one bright spot--a girl who slips into his cell because she's curious.

Dannella is a Princess of the Blood. Raised to be a proper lady, she knows that one day she will be given in marriage to a male who will act as both her husband and owner. Females aren't valued in Goshan society and she has little control over her own life. Despite her restrictive upbringing, Dani rebels and finds her way into the cell occupied by the strange new warrior, a Kindred so huge he dwarfs every other male she's ever known.

Kyron shows her his Touch sense and gives her pleasure she's never dreamed of, even though he is chained in his cell. Dani finds herself falling for the big Kindred but then the unthinkable happens--a marriage is announced and time has suddenly grown short. Now she and Ky are one the run, trying to escape from a life which has become a prison for them both. But in order to gain their freedom, Ky must break his sacred oath. Will it cost him his love and his life?

Read Freeing the Prisoner to find out…

*Author's Note: Freeing the Prisoner is a Kindred Tales Novel set in the Brides of the Kindred universe

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.50