Forever Wicked

A Wicked Lovers, #7.75 - Novella

A cautionary tale but a hopeful one as well. Jason and Gia have a sexual relationship first that quickly changes into something more and they marry spontaneously. But Jason is a jaded billionaire and Gia is a family person and that puts up a wall the minute tragedy strikes Gia’s family.

Jason was suave and sexy and an emotional void until he met Gia. But he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, put a name to what he was feeling and instead focused on possessing her. Big mistake. On the opposite side, Gia felt true deep emotion for Jason but after her brother’s death refused to let him into her inner circle. No wonder things went to hell in a hand basket so quickly.

The story starts with the one year anniversary of Jason and Gia’s marriage approaching and them having only spent one night together, their honeymoon. Jason wants his possession, or rather wife, back and is willing to make a financial deal to get it. It’s what he’s seen all his life so he figures that is the way to go. He gets what he wants and then is upset about Gia being attracted to the money, something he never thought she was interested in. Contrary attitude to say the least!

Gia wants to help her family and thinks of everyone but herself. As time goes on it becomes, in her mind, an impossible hurdle to introduce her husband to her family. I liked Jason and Gia, at the heart of it, but the persona that Jason was wearing wasn’t attractive initially. He actually says he can’t love, or at least doesn’t understand it, and that is what every move Gia makes is based upon.

It was messy and painful to read at times, but as things progressed layers were peeled back and the true connection was revealed for what it always was. Jason just had to be taught and Gia needed to learn to let him in to her inner sanctum. She trusted him with her body but never her honesty about how she felt. The end gave me closure that these two learned a lot the hard way to find each other, and once they did nothing would tear them apart.

Book Blurb for Forever Wicked

They had nothing in common but a desperate passion…

Billionaire Jason Denning lived life fast and hard in a world where anything could be bought and sold, even affection. But all that changed when he met “Greta,” a beautiful stranger ready to explore her hidden desires. From a blue collar family, Gia Angelotti wore a badge, fought for right—and opened herself utterly to love him. Blindsided and falling hard, Jason does the first impulsive thing of his life and hustles her to the altar.

Until a second chance proved that forever could be theirs.

Then tragedy ripped Jason’s new bride from his arms and out of his life. When he finds Gia again, he gives her a choice: spend the three weeks before their first anniversary with him or forfeit the money she receives from their marriage. Reluctantly, she agrees to once again put herself at his mercy and return to his bed. But having her right where he wants her is dangerous for Jason’s peace of mind. No matter how hard he tries, he finds himself falling for her again. Will he learn to trust that their love is real before Gia leaves again for good?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.50