Forever Rowan

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Forever Rowan

Aidan has a few friends, but otherwise keeps himself isolated. As a dragon secrecy is the norm and if he doesn’t care he can’t be hurt. When he helps his friend Nic in his quest to rescue his One’s sisters he finds himself a captive and at the mercy of the evil William Stone. Stone’s mission in life is to destroy all those who differ from him and his kind. And he’ll do anything to reach his goal.

Rowan Stone has always been the protector of her sisters. Not through might but through submission. If there was to be punishment she would be the one to take it. It made sense to her just as comforting the suffering her father left behind in the creatures he caught and tortured. But the dragon is different. She feels a connection for Aidan, as well as desire. But what kind of future can they have?

This is the second book in this series. With the cliffhanger resolved from the first book "Saving Jenna" we move on to Rowan and Aidan. They are in one heck of a mess and there doesn’t seem to be any way out. As they reconcile what they mean to one another and try to pacify Aidan’s beast, love grows quietly in the background. With little snippets let out about the youngest Stone sister we can see a new book on the horizon that will hopefully tie everything up nicely.

This was a very steamy read with the hero sometimes being in his alternate form. If this alarms you then don’t read it. Was he a big scaly dragon? No he was not but there were physical changes. I didn’t find them to distract from the story at all and to instead further illustrate what this series is really all about. Night Creatures.

Book Blurb for Forever Rowan

Molten Silver title

After a failed rescue attempt, Aidan Ghallager has been captured, unable to shift into his Dragon form. Rowan Stone, daughter of megalomaniac William Stone, has become his unlikely nurse. As they work together to find a way to escape her father’s nefarious plans and insidious torture, they try to fight the attraction between them--and fail. For Aidan and Rowan are mated--meant to be together—but only if they can stay alive long enough to escape.

Contains: interspecies sex, violence 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 3.50