Fly By Knight

Part of The Hussies Series - Historical/Paranormal

Visited in a dream at a young age and given an important task, Gwyneth Mor Hafren has always known it was her duty to save Aubrey Thaxton's life. An unusual woman of her time, she loves machines and figuring out how to make things function better, using her unique talents to fulfill her destiny.

Aubrey Thaxton is an honorable Knight and a faithful servant to his liege. When he performs a merciful act, he is accused of witchcraft and sentenced to burn at the stake.

The time has come for Gwyneth to perform her predestined task. She uses her wits and intestinal fortitude to do so. But when does it cease being a duty, and become an imperative need?

I've always been fascinated with the time of castles and knights. I loved that for once the damsel wasn't in distress. Gwyneth was fabulous in her role as savior; kicking ass with her brains, not brawn. Aubrey was shown not to be just a stoic figure with a lance and horse, but a man with fears. What a great reversal of roles, yet neither were cast in a disparaging light. Gwyneth could have been a cold woman, and Aubrey a weak wimp, but both were strong characters worthy of respect. Definitely an intriguing read and worth your time.

Book Blurb for Fly By Knight

Part of the Hussies series.

A Knight condemned to death. A Welsh woman with a quest. Is it fate that brings these two together — or the mystical touch of an ancient warrior? Aubrey Thaxton doesn't really care, since he's facing his imminent demise and isn't averse to some bedsport before he burns at the stake. The strange wench who appears in his chamber is just what he needs.

Gwyneth Mor Hafren wasn't planning on enjoying Baron Thaxton's physical charms, however. She's there to rescue him, driven by a knowledge given her long ago in a dream. Together these two unlikely cohorts escape Castle Thaxton and journey into what is, for Aubrey, enemy territory. Wales.

Surrounded by hostility and betrayal, Aubrey and Gwyneth discover passion amidst the turmoil, a deep and abiding emotion that binds them to each other more tightly than the strongest chains. Will it save them both, complete Gwyneth's quest and take them on a wild journey to a place where their hearts are free to "Fly By Knight"?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00