Flame Seeker

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Flame Seeker

Raised in a matriarchal society, Alithia is the eldest daughter and as such has responsibilities to her clan. When tragedy befalls in the form of a flood that extinguishes the holy flame in the temple, it falls on her to make a questionable journey to the faraway mountains to retrieve an ancient relic believed to be able to restore the flame that her clans’ livelihood is based upon. But in order to make the journey she must acquiesce to the Hurrann traditions of the land she will travel through. She needs not one, but two husbands to make the journey. A shield pair they are called. One the sword, the other the shield. She will be theirs to protect.

While the contests for a bride usually consist of battle, Alithia requires a different test. Of the five shield pairs who are willing to marry a southerner, the winning pair must pleasure her best. A daunting task for the chaste Hurrann warriors. Women are scarce in their society. No man lays with a woman until he wins a bride, and then it must be with his shield brother.

This was a wonderful read. The story line moved quickly and was intriguing. The mystery of the Goddess of Lydia and how she relates to the Lady of Heaven of the Hurrann had me thinking. Taith and Phelan, the shield pair who win Alithia, are delightful and contrast one another beautifully. While the first part of the book was focused on the contest, and as such sex, the second part of the book was more about the journey and the building of a relationship between Alithia and her husbands. The final section of the book was resolution of all that intrigued in the beginning and middle, with politics and insecurities thrown in. The world created for our reading pleasure was vivid in my mind’s eye, and the story captivating. If you like a good story woven through a hot erotic read, this is not to be missed.

Book Blurb for Flame Seeker

A sensuous new fantasy from the author of Dreamwalker.

The eldest daughter of her clan, Alithia must secure her family’s livelihood by retrieving an ancient relic in the fabled mountain realm. But she cannot make the journey alone. Alithia must take two husbands as a shield pair.

With many competitors vying for her hand, Alithia proposes a contest: those who can best pleasure her win. But on the quest, as emotions run high and ecstasy runs wild, Alithia and her two victors are bound together by the journey’s dangers, by a culture clash more intense than they ever imagined—and by a twist of fate that will change their lives forever.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.75