Born to Rule Book 2

This picks up where the first book Earth ends, and we now get to see how Flame fares with her predestined warrior. For having been prepared for this trip, Chad seems to have forgotten most of what he has learned when it comes to dealing with basically a cave dweller.

Right off the bat, sex is on demand. It is part of the process to awaken Flame’s power and to cement the destined relationship between Chad and Flame. I found the forced intimacy cold and unfeeling on Chad’s part and desperate on Flame’s part. With no back-story on how Flame lived before Chad I have to assume women were doormats. Chad starts right off barking orders and worrying about getting off and is peeved when Flame is a little slow in catching on.

Things warm up between the two as the story moves along but I didn’t care for the dictatorial attitude. The story progresses logically but the dialogue seems stilted at times and the characters lack dimension. I still find the story intriguing and want answers to questions that persist for me and of course find out what happens to the other two women.

Book Blurb for Fire

After being captured by aliens, Flame is locked in a room, unsure of her fate. When a huge, muscular man with purple eyes shows up, she is taken to his quarters to be his slave.

Chad was thrilled to find his bride so soon after arriving from Mu Arae 7, that he claimed her with haste. Now he has to work on showing her he doesn’t just own her, he also cares about her.

Be Warned: anal sex, forced seduction, sex toys, bondage

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 3.00