Final Justice

This was so much more than I expected.  While it should have a “Don’t Try This at Home” label, it was a wonderful story of how love can help someone heal.  Holly and Peter are two people with distorted self-images and low self-esteem.  Why?  The usual reasons.  Holly has a problem with her body, and Peter with his past.

For two years they have longed for one another, each afraid to approach the other.  Holly, convinced Peter isn’t interested since he hasn’t made a move, takes a risk and contacts a fantasy provider to purge herself of her lust for Peter.  What she doesn’t know is she’s getting the real deal.

Peter can’t say no when his former madam tells him about a certain nurse with a cop fantasy and that the man in her fantasy should look like him.  But after they spend a night together, with him incognito, they are both shook by the encounter.  When circumstances reveal his identity, he’s elated and terrified at Holly’s reaction.  How can anyone want damaged goods like him?  But two scared and lonely people can find love if they are willing to give, and forgive.  Not to be missed.

Book Blurb for Final Justice

Holly is sweet, friendly and has a nonexistent love life. She’s also been working on a little fantasy…something that’s been keeping her warm on those cold, northern nights…something involving a certain police sergeant.
Sergeant Peter Leighton—just over six feet of testosterone-ripped perfection—has a thing for Holly but he’s a cop with a secret. Long before he joined the force, he was a paid fantasy provider—a lover with a gift for getting inside a woman’s head and turning her darkest, nastiest fantasies into reality.
When his old boss tells him the lovely Ms. Holly has a thing for tall, dark and brawny, and wants to be pulled over and punished for her transgressions, Peter just can’t say no. The easy part will be making Holly’s lusty fantasies come true. The hard part will be working up the nerve afterward to ask her out on a real date.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.75