Felicia's Fling

Toting an impressive amount of baggage after her husband dumped her for a younger woman, Felicia has been talked into snagging a man for a quick fling to reassert her belief in her own sexuality.  After what turns into a weekend with Nate, she’s all aglow and able to move on to healing.  After moving from Miami to be closer to her sister and take a teaching job, she’s suddenly shocked to find herself looking into the eyes of the younger man she couldn’t forget; Nate.

In Miami visiting friends, Nate sees Felicia across a crowded bar and is instantly attracted.  She has something that the women his age lack; maturity.  While her confidence is obviously lagging, he gently pursues Felicia.  When they end up spending the weekend together, no strings as agreed, he’s sorry to see her go.  After months of not being able to forget her or move on romantically, he sees her the last place he expected.  His own home town.  When circumstances contrive to put them in close proximity, the passion that ignited in Miami is relit.  And the flames burn.

While Felicia had a lot of doubts, it didn’t stop her.  Determined to make a new life for herself and her young daughter she ventures out and starts living life.  Subverting herself for years in favor of her husbands preferences, she finds she likes her freedom.  When her sister starts parading men in front of her, she firmly refuses.  She wants to be on her own.  But then she sees Nate and all bets are off.  A connection like they have is hard to deny, so why try?  She does try to keep him at a distance but can’t seem to.  After they agree to an affair, Nate quickly discerns she’s the one for him.  The age gap doesn’t mean anything to him.  But it does to Felicia.  The double standard is cruel to women who date younger men, and she fears the ridicule and whispers sure to result.

When she finally admits to herself and Nate that she loves him, Nate is sure that it is smooth sailing.  But Felicia’s reluctant to “go public” makes for some tension.  As Nate tries to convince her to let their relationship see the light of day, Felicia puts the brakes on.  Until an incident involving her young daughter puts life in perspective.  And Felicia’s fling proves himself to be the man for her, forever.

I’m about ready to divorce my husband if I can snag a man like Nate.  The connection and romance between Nate and Felicia made for a fast read.  While he is young in years, he’s mature in all the ways that matter.  Felicia was stronger than she thought but afraid to trust in herself.  A good solid read.

Book Blurb for Felicia's Fling

Book Length: Full Length

He's younger than she. A lot younger. But Felicia, newly divorced, is looking for someone to help her prove to herself that she's still attractive and desirable, regardless of what her asshole of an ex said. About to start a new life with her daughter, she decides to have a brief fling with the handsome young stud she meets in a hotel bar. After all, how often does a woman her age get a chance to have some wild, no-strings-attached sex with someone as gorgeous as this stranger?

Nate is tired of the immature, flighty girls his own age he keeps meeting. As soon as he sees Felicia, looking sexy and a little uncertain, he knows he wants her--for as long as he can have her.

They indulge in a torrid fling and then part, believing they will never see each other again. But plans don't always turn out the way we think they will...

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.00