Fast and the Furriest

Tiger Tails Book 1

There is a new shifter species and it’s been unwillingly outed, and with that comes the freak parade. The other shifter species are mysterious on how they mate, the but the Tiger shifters big secret is out and that creates chaos for the pride run by Ares. I never did catch who outed the secret to a tiger mating and that may be on purpose or I just missed it as I was dazed by all the hot and heavy sexual attraction floating around.

The reader is dropped into the story after the bomb has exploded and Ares and Zoe (the woman who unwittingly outed the pride via a photo) have been apart for four days. Zoe is driven to return and explain what happened and her sorrow at what she allowed to happen. And so the fun begins.

The story had some fun moments as well as some sad. A few big reveals as well as more about the secret inner lives of a weretiger. The story flowed well, and the world building good. I have a pretty good idea of how things work and was able to navigate relationships and the hierarchy. Many opportunities for future books, including the introduction of Zoe’s BFF Ronnie. The continuation of Ares’ sister’s dilemma will hopefully be addressed as well.

There was a lot of emphasis placed on Zoe and her amazing abilities, and even though I started out thinking she was too stupid to live, she got on my good side pretty quick. Ares, for being the leader and all, was pretty easy going unless it called for him not to be. The series promises to be entertaining.

Book Blurb for Fast and the Furriest

Ladies, like a tiger’s stripes? Tug his tail and keep him forever!

The wolves came first. Followed by the bears. Finally, lions decided to play in the spotlight, but the tigers have held off. Let everyone else get stared at. Ares was happy on his mountain with his pride while humans thought they knew all about the different shifter species.

Their secret was safe…until her. One reporter took tigers from the shadows and thrust them into the limelight by releasing a picture of a tiger shifting. Specifically — him. (What could he say? A little moonlight, a little fur…)

Now he has a town of stripe-hunting women looking for a tiger’s tail to pull and… a full moon on the horizon.

Can he keep his tigers from being mated against their will? Better yet, can he forgive the one woman responsible for outing his species? Ares isn’t sure, but he’s willing to give it a shot.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.00