Fast And Furious

Allie has been her biological father’s little secret her whole life. Raised by her mother and stepdad, her biological father is Secretary of the Navy. Now grown up and in law enforcement, she’s furthered her distance to go undercover to break up a drug cartel. But she’s in over her head; how will she be able to get herself and her protégé out of trouble still breathing?

While she’s not his legitimate child she’s still his. When he discovers her dilemma he sends in three Navy Seals to assess and if necessary extract. Her true identity adds a whole new dimension of trouble for the three seals, but if any one can do it they can.

While this is one of my all-time favorite authors this story didn’t work for me. Don’t get me wrong; it was a hot and steamy erotic read, as expected. What was missing was chemistry for me as the reader for the characters. I think I would have preferred it be a one-on-one relationship between Allie and Chase rather than introducing Logan and Blaine into the bedroom. I love a good multiple relationship romance and read them frequently so it wasn’t the “shock” value of one woman and multiple men. I can’t put my finger on it, but while I enjoyed the book and will always look for books by this author, this wasn’t one of her best.

Book Blurb for Fast And Furious

Allie likes things fast—cars, men, as well as every aspect of her life. She lives for the moment, which is probably how she found herself waist deep in the middle of a Russian drug cartel. As an undercover cop, she thought she had things well in hand. She was wrong.

Three Navy Seals are sent in by Allie’s father, SECNAV, to assess the situation. There’s concern Allie’s in serious danger, and her father wants her out; preferably in one piece. Chase, Logan, and Blaine are all attracted to her, but she will become much more to one of them.

Unfortunately for Allie, witness relocation isn’t an option. The Russians can always find them. For Allie to get out, she’ll have to bring them down.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.00