Faithful to a Fault

Sequel to Text Me.

Peter Goodwin is on vacation with a friend. He has no blood relatives, but the Corps have provided a new one. Looking forward to some snow and holiday cheer, he is thrown when instead he meets the unforgettable Sarah.

Sarah has been on her own for years. After leaving her abusive home and father, she made some mistakes but is now on track and building a new life for herself. When the family that "adopted" her has their son and his buddy home, she is instantly drawn to Peter. Her vow to steer clear of men is sorely tested, and broken, when she can’t resist a vacation fling with him. Both are up front about what they do, and don’t, expect from their liaison. But then Peter discovers something about Sarah that will change all of their lives. For the better? Or for the worse?

Mention military guy and I’m on board. The sex fell a little flat for me though. I didn’t feel a driving passion between Pete and Sarah and that was disappointing. Pete and Sarah had a lot of common ground with their painful pasts, and that drew them together more than anything else. That and their unwillingness to let go and believe in a happily ever after. With the big secret about Sarah being a bone of contention, the subsequent break-up forced them both to seriously grow up and decide if they wanted to take a chance on each other. A good read.

Book Blurb for Faithful to a Fault

Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Peter Goodwin is on vacation. With no family of his own, he heads out on post-deployment leave to a buddy’s hometown. He expected snow, some relaxation and maybe a willing woman. But he never expected to find a woman like Sarah—someone who makes him think about more than a quick affair.

Sarah has been done with men for years. Ditched in a tiny town by her now-ex, she made the most of her life by standing on her own two feet. Men complicate things. But when one sexy “complication” strolls into town on leave, Sarah figures there’s no harm in a quiet, simple vacation fling. After all, the rules are spelled out from the start. He leaves, she stays.

The passion that sparks between them is a welcome surprise. But Sarah’s more than just a fling—she’s the key to Pete’s best friend’s past. Now Pete has a decision to make, but either choice will hurt someone he cares for. 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 3.00