Eye of the Storm

Divorced from the love of her life for years, Marcy tries to fill the void with a flavor of the month. But it’s never what she needs. Invited to the wedding of an old friend, Marcy goes stag, not able to stand her current guy for more than an interlude. When a hurricane strands her on a tiny Florida island which was the site of the wedding, she’s sure she’s going to die. But Sam her ex, also a wedding guest, goes back for her when she’s missing on the mainland. Can the storm help them get past what went wrong in their marriage? Passion still rages between them, but did their love and trust survive as well?
With a major history behind them, Sam and Marcy generate as much chaos as the Category Two storm. With survival their most pressing concern, they let go of the past and rediscover one another. When the storm both inside and out dies down, they are able to talk for the first time since the divorce. What both reveal is staggering, and both see where things went wrong.   If Marcy and Sam get over their feelings of betrayal and self-loathing, they can have a future like they always imagined. 
Chemistry is a strong motivator, and love makes it that much more. I was saddened what Sam and Marcy did to one another without talking first. Emotion can be blinding, and they both couldn’t see beyond their own. An intimate glimpse into the death and rebirth of a marriage meant to be. Touching and stirring, Eye of the Storm is a read not to be missed. 

Book Blurb for Eye of the Storm

When a hurricane strands Marcy alone on a tiny Florida island, ex or no ex, Sam won’t let Nature keep him from his woman—the woman who still makes him hot. In the eye of the storm, their passion rages, renewing previous feelings of love and lust. Sam and Marcy remember the good things about their dead marriage—the extreme sexual heat and the fire that even a Category Two storm can’t put out.
Publisher Note: This story was previously published as part of the Storm Warnings anthology at Ellora’s Cave.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.00