Erotic Experiments

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Erotic Experiments

Research & Desire, #1

Originally published and reviewed under the title "Experimenting with Ed".

Claire is happy as long as she is working. Good thing since that’s all she does. But part of her craves a man to want her. Be careful what you wish for. Seems the man craving her is her creepy boss Gordon. When he makes an unwelcome move, she’s rescued by the godlike bouncer Ed. What a specimen he is! Now Ed is suddenly around every corner, and Claire is liking it. But then her boss gets even creepier and asks her to falsify test results to secure a grant. Not only wrong, it’s unlawful. When she refuses and threatens to do the right thing, the fun begins.

Ed can’t not be near Claire. He’s drawn to her and even though he knows it’s a bad idea, he can’t stay away. When she is threatened, he uses his skills and senses to get them both out of danger, and together they go on the run. Claire can clear her name and have a life but Ed can not. Ed is on the run from something far bigger than a creepy boss who wants to ruin his reputation to save himself. Ed is running from the government that wants to use him after investing money in experimental modifications that make him a super soldier. He’ll use his skills alright, for the woman he’s starting to love.

This is the beginning of a series that tells the stories of the soldiers who escaped the government facility that modified them. We met one of Ed’s associates while he and Claire are on the run, and I assume his story will be next. This was a fun read, and while there were harrowing chases and daring moments, I never got the feeling that Claire would come to harm. Ed was the reason why. All us women need an Ed. While he didn’t say much, he didn’t need to and I found myself rooting for him and his comrades the more I read. The romance between Claire and Ed was smoking hot and plentiful, but the author managed to convey a story as well. I look forward to more in this series.

Book Blurb for Erotic Experiments

Science geek Claire spends most days in the confines of her laboratory, safely avoiding humans. So her world is sent into a sexy tailspin when a rare night out at the club starts with a game of Avoid Your Handsy Boss and ends with getting rescued by the most perfect male specimen she's ever seen. 

Bouncer Ed can't get enough of Claire, or of watching his "little mouse" let loose when he touches her. Saving her once was easy, even fun. But his fiercely protective nature goes into overdrive when Claire's determination to reveal what's really going on in the lab endangers both their lives. 

Being on the run isn't enough to keep Claire's hands off her beautiful protector, or to stop them from falling in love. But it isn't long before Claire discovers Ed is hiding a shocking secret of his own… 


This book is approximately 47,000 words 

Originally published under the title "Experimenting with Ed".

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2017 4.00