Brides of the Kindred, #7

This was one hot and steamy courtship, with virginal Lissa exposed to the carnal delights via shock and awe. The planet Yonnie Six, where the scrolls she and Saber are to retrieve are being kept, is a matriarchal world where women rule and men are commodities. Lissa, while meek, is also determined, strong, and in love with Saber. These traits give her an edge of vulnerability that had me cheering even as I cringed. Saber thought he could take anything Lissa could dish out but didn’t count on the bone-deep cruelty of the woman who held the scrolls. Will he and Lissa be able to recover from what they had to endure to secure their mission?

The story of the Kindred Brides continues and this isn’t the end after all. Thank goodness! A wonderful world has been spun for the readers’ consumption and the latest story of Lissa and Saber doesn’t disappoint. Lissa and Saber were raised in the same house, and by their planet’s laws are considered siblings. But what they feel isn’t familial love at all. Lissa has accepted the position as high priestess, believing she’ll never love anyone like she loves Saber so why bother. Saber is destined to lead his clan, his life mapped out for him whether he likes it or not. When they volunteer to retrieve a sacred scroll that can save the Kindred from the horde they are put in close proximity, making it impossible to deny their feelings. Especially since their undercover mission has Lissa playing mistress to Saber’s sex slave. I can’t wait for the next in the series.

Book Blurb for Exiled

Lissa is madly in love with Saber and it seems he returns her feelings but she has a problem. She and the man of her dreams both come from the same clan of the Touch Kindred. By the archaic laws of their people, they are too closely related to be bonded. Which means that even though there is no blood tie between them, they are doomed to remain apart.

But their personal dilemmas will soon be the least of their worries. Sacred scrolls, vital to the defense of the Kindred people, have been stolen and sold to a collector on the barbaric slave planet, Yonnie Six. To retrieve them, Lissa and Saber must go undercover as Mistress and slave on the savage world where domination, submission, and kinky sex are the order of the day. Will the love between them survive this trial by fire? Or will Lissa lose everything and be Exiled from the one person she loves above all others?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.50