Eternal Brothers

Book 4 of Dalakis Passion

The Dalakis men have found their mates. They are powerful and rich, and that makes them, and their mates, targets. They now have a trusted friend who takes care of their security, Sam Cassidy. When a woman named Blythe stumbles onto the Dalakis estate with a blood chilling warning, all four men go into action. But do they have more problems than they are aware of?
Ex-cop Zane York has watched the Dalakis men for several years. He left New Orleans for awhile, but now he’s back and has to know if what he suspects is true. Are the mysterious Dalakis brothers murderous vampires? And has Sam Cassidy, former cop and now security specialist, sided with the bad guys?
Sophia Daring is a woman who has been on her own since she was sixteen. She created her life as a reporter and likes it. But when she receives a mysterious phone call in the middle of the night, her life quickly changes. Suddenly she finds herself as a pawn in a game between an unknown killer and the Dalakis family. After stumbling onto a bloodless body she was made aware of by her late night caller, who has obvious evidence pointing to the Dalakis family, she does the unexpected and warns the men instead of turning the evidence over to the police. Her actions, coupled with the information provided by Blythe, starts a mad dash to save innocent victims from an unknown killer, and to stop vengeance from an unhinged man bent on destroying the Dalakis family. 
This was a time stealing read. I couldn’t put it down. Two storylines and romances wrapped together made for a fast paced, not to mention hot, read. Between Cassidy and Blythe tap-dancing around hang-ups related to her past and Zane and Sophia struggling with trust and their own mystery, I was enthralled. Both storylines were fabulous and well drawn out. Surprises were thrown at the reader every so often, but if you pay close attention as you read you can obviously see the clues to some of the shockers. It was also a treat to see how Stefan, Cristofor and Lucian and their better halves were doing. Can’t recommend this book enough. 

Book Blurb for Eternal Brothers

Book 4 of Dalakis Passion

The Dalakis brothers are rich, powerful men, but they have secrets — the kind that men kill to protect. Ex-cop Zane York has watched them for several years and has returned to New Orleans to resume his investigation. He has to know if his suspicions are true — are the Dalakis brothers murderous vampires?

Reporter Sophia Daring has had many tough assignments in her life, but nothing has prepared her for the late-night phone call, which leads her to the cemetery and to the body of a dead woman. The murderer drained all the blood from his victim's body and the clues point straight to the Dalakis family.

The attraction between Zane and Sophia is instantaneous and explosive. But Zane has secrets of his own and questions that need answering. Are the Dalakis family the villains or are they being framed for murder? As Zane and Sophia investigate the grisly string of deaths, they discover that the murderer may not be the family's only enemy…and a secret from the past may bring the deadliest threat yet.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.50