Escort for a Week

Macy Piers is smart but seems to lack common sense. We all know someone like her. She's in debt again for expensive clothes and shoes, furniture and a vacation. Those pesky bills always show up. She's really done it this time and a second job as a waitress isn't going to cut it. She's putting herself on the auction block to be an escort for a week. Her share of her fee should free her from her debt. Add in the nightclub that she will be auctioned at caters to Tieg clients almost exclusively and she's more than a little excited at the prospect.

Dean Jaeger's due for a vacation. Or more. His boss thinks he needs his life partner and she's rarely wrong. When he visits his cousin at his nightclub he's drawn to Macy as he's never been drawn to a woman before. Before he knows it he's bid on her and won. After the contract is signed what comes next? This isn't exactly the conventional start to a relationship.

Those who don't want to slap Macy raise their hands. That's what I figured. I would have felt more sympathy if she'd gotten into debt for more conventional reasons such as medical bills. The real reason is revealed later and I think most people will understand. Macy has pride and is determined to pay her bills and that's admirable.

Dean seems hot and honorable which is always a winning combination. He offers Macy a way out of the implied sex but she goes in guns blazing as his attempt to be a gentleman offends her. These two are at odds every step of the way. Dean feels a connection but Macy is holding onto the contract like a shield. Every time he gets close she smacks him between the eyes with the time limit of their arrangement. This is to protect herself, obviously, but she's hurting Dean in the process. Like two combatants, who happen to have hot sex, they go round after round. When Macy finally relents she finds something she never expected to find. A man who loves her, faults and all, and a man she can love back. A satisfying read.

Book Blurb for Escort for a Week

Macy Piers is in debt again. Getting a second job isn’t going to cut it this time. Determined to pay off her credit card bills in one shot, she heads over to Velvet Nights, a nightclub that caters to Tieg clientele and holds date auctions. She signs herself up for auction, hoping that the cut she’d receive from the final bid would be enough to eliminate her debt. Being someone’s escort for a week would hurt her pride, but it would also serve as a lesson. While being prepped for the auction by the club’s owner, a big, rugged man walks into the room and the whole world stops. His hard-edged looks and the dark intensity of his eyes trap her while making her pulse race. Is he one of the bidders? Unsettled by her intense reaction to this stranger, Macy is relieved when she’s taken to the auction lounge, yet he’s already made an imprint in her mind.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 3.75