The Ujal, #4

These Ujal grow on you. Again, I didn’t like the hero at first. He was kind of an insensitive ass. But then his back-story is revealed and the light bulbs go off and I get it. I forgive him and move on. That’s what the heroine does too, and who can blame her? Erun steps into what could have been a life-altering catastrophe and never stops being there when it counts.

The leading lady in this story is Tabitha. I mean her mother Vanessa. But really, Tabitha was a highlight for me and her interactions with all the big and bad Ujal were adorable. She had these guys wrapped from the first bat of her little eyelashes. Vanessa is a single mother trying to keep up with a toddler and as a mother, I know that is next to impossible without support. But the Ujal, and Erun especially, have different expectations when it comes to children and that causes the initial conflict between Erun and Vanessa.

The story moved quickly and the action for sure kept me interested. The specter and secret from Vanessa’s past was a whopper; especially to her. Quickly Vanessa and Erun put the wagons in a ring around Tabitha and it was Armageddon to anyone who tried to get between them. These two were damaged more than most by life and it was heartwarming to see them create a family. There were cameos by all the characters from previous books and more is to be revealed than just this book gave a glimpse of. I look forward to it.

Book Blurb for Erun

He’s an Ujal who knows he’ll never have a mate. She’s a human who doesn’t want to take another chance on love. One small child doesn’t give them a choice.

With her toddler in tow, Vanessa Walker travels to Tampa, Florida to begin her new job at Ujal Station Tau. Then problems arise—her daughter is ill, and a sexy, demanding, overwhelming, purple-scaled Ujal is determined to do whatever he can to save Tabitha. When they realize Tabby isn’t ill, she’s Ujal, plenty of people don’t want Vanessa raising her newly tail-sporting alien daughter. Ujal royalty may support her, but only one person—one Ujal male—makes her feel safe: Erun fa Arex.

Erun fa Arex earned his position through blood, sweat, and scales with a trident as his constant companion. On Earth, he is the captain of the principessa’s elite guard, a worthy Ujal warrior matched by few. On Ujal, he grew up as a child slave forced to fight for sport and others’ pleasure. Fighting left physical and mental scars while the master’s growth-hormone injections left him unable to father younglings.

Erun never considered mating and having a family of his own until he meets Vanessa and Tabitha. Now he realizes everything he rejected—a mate and family—is exactly what he desires. And he will fight to keep them… to the death.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.00