Entwined Fates

Mikayla is your average Earth girl. Going about her business. Then the aliens attack. She’s abducted from a rest stop and presented as a gift to the proprietor of the bar on the invading alien vessel. She’s expected to be a waitress? And not try to escape? Are these “people” nuts? During her first escape attempt she runs into Captain Sidious Marcone, literally. He is instantly intrigued and starts his pursuit, caveman style. 
Sidious is a mole for the rebel forces trying to take down the power hungry fiend currently invading Earth. He’s been at it for ten years, and frankly he’s tired. Life has no color, no purpose. Then he’s almost mowed over by Mikayla. She’s a handful and has a mouth on her. He can’t resist putting her in her place. Seducing her becomes the most fun he’s had in ages. Then fun turns to more, for both of them. Mikayla is struggling with guilt for falling for the enemy, and Sidious is struggling not to tell Mikayla everything. He’s being watched, closely, by another officer. His time is running out to move about safely and be an asset to the rebellion. 
Wow. I absolutely inhaled this story. I’ve loved all the books in this series, and this one is no different. Sidious has given his all for the cause and is about empty. Mikayla is a strong-willed woman who fights Sidious with all she has, but she can’t fight herself and the feelings he invokes.   I liked that there were no real obstacles to their being together, other than full disclosure. There have to be more installments in the future, because this series just keep getting better. Mikayla and Sidious’ courtship and hot interactions are not to be missed. 

Book Blurb for Captive

Aliens? Attacking Earth?

Her home is being destroyed. Her friends killed. Her freedom taken away. Escape from the man or alien responsible is the only choice she has but deep down, it’s the last thing Mikayla truly wants and she hates herself for it. Falling in love with her captor is not an option, despite how seductive he is. He might get her body, but she refuses to give him what he truly wanted…her soul.

How the hell has Sidious been talked into this and more importantly, how the hell is he going to get out of it?

The last thing he needs while working as a mole for the rebel forces is another complication, no matter how enticing a package. But the second Mikayla opens her sarcastic mouth, he can’t resist putting her in her place. Seducing her's going be the most fun he’s had in years. Unfortunately, someone is onto his secret and time is running out…for both Sidious and his captive.

Publisher's Note: The first two titles of this series are available at another publisher. This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, dubious consent.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.75