The Brides of the Kindred, #12

This author has built the most intricate series I've ever had the good fortune to read. This book centers around Mei-Li and Six. Mei-Li looks small and as her name indicates is of Asian descent. But she's got moxy and determination and she's no wilting flower. Six is a new breed of Kindred called the Dark Kindred; he is devoid of emotion by choice via an emotional damper. He lives on a planet totally dedicated to an emotionless existence. He and Mei-Li start to dream share, which is a sign they are intended mates. The protagonist from this series intervenes and starts trouble, as evil always does.

This book had a great story line, a lot of soul searching and of course, sex. But the difference was that Mei-Li was the sexual aggressor more so than Six. In fact, Six is a virgin, although he utilizes his resources to look things up. How cute is that? This particular story was very emotional, as Six had a lot of stuff repressed. I inhaled this book in no time flat, just like all the others. There are so many story lines from previous books that the author touches on, keeping the feeling of connection for me as a reader. I hope the author produces the next installment as quickly as she did this one.

Book Blurb for Enhanced

Mei-Li Hastings is in trouble. She’s Dream Sharing with a Kindred warrior. Normally that’s a regular part of being claimed by one of the tall, handsome aliens who came to Earth looking for brides. But in Mei-Li’s case, nothing is normal. The dreams she’s having show a huge, frightening male with a red laser for an eye and a metal arm. The man who’s coming to claim her is a Dark Kindred—one of the emotionless denizens of Zeaga Four where love is unknown and feelings are outlawed.

Six has risen steadily in the ranks of the Collective since his inclusion into the Dark Kindred at age fourteen. Now, to his dismay, he is suddenly having dreams he cannot ignore—dreams of a girl with dark eyes and silky black hair who fears him desperately. Despite the fact that he is supposed to feel nothing, Six finds himself drawn to the girl. And when he is ordered by his superior to claim her, he comes in search of his future bride.

Now they are locked in a struggle of light versus dark...cold versus warmth. For when Mei-Li is near him, Six’s frozen heart begins to thaw. Though the Dark Kindred warrior is determined not to commit “Feel-crime” he cannot contain the emotions growing within him for the petite girl he snatched from Earth. But with the newfound feelings of love and desire, come some much darker feelings. In order to love Mei-Li, Six will have to face the darkness within and a tragic past he has locked away for years.

Will he survive the memories that surface…or will they drive him mad? You’ll have to read Enhanced to find out.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 4.50