Enforcer's Heart

Stratton Wolves, #3

I had a bad feeling about this relationship in the first book, and I wasn't off base at all. This is Riley's story, take two. He and his wife are divorced, but life is miserable since they mated under a full moon. Enter Ce, a victim of a werewolf bite, and now under watch. Riley's watch, albeit unwilling. But that quickly changes as the chemistry ignites. I did have a little difficulty reconciling the Riley I read about in the previous books with the description in this one. It might just be me, but the physical image I had didn't match.

I liked Ce's attitude and total take charge personality. Refusing to be a victim, she just rolls with it. She's kind of in denial that her life is going to change, but who wouldn't be in denial? Riley is in a dark place, and watching out for Ce helps make him want to live again, especially if she's in the picture. The story moved along quickly with some humor and some other not so funny moments. Ce's protective instincts quickly endear her to the wolf pack, but especially to the alpha. The sex was hot, of course, and the ending a HEA. A good read.

Book Blurb for Enforcer's Heart

What's worse than getting bitten by a werewolf? Not taking your anti-furball pills and then getting bitten by a werewolf. Which, FYI, sucks.

Called to investigate a midnight break in, Detective Carla 'Ce' Callahan doesn't expect to come face to snout with a pissed off werewolf. And she's all outta silver bullets. But hey, she still manages to hold her own, even if she does get a bite on the ass for her trouble. Now she's in werewolf custody until the full moon while they wait for an answer to a very important question. Will she shift? Or won't she?

Doesn't really matter when she meets the hot and sexy enforcer for the pack... Looking at him, she thinks she could get used to the furry side of life. Especially when the guy has an ass like that. She wants a tiny nibble...

Riley Copeland's life sucks. The woman he loved and brought over to the lycan way of life revels in trying to get him killed and his pack alpha seems to think he's some kind of furry babysitter. He's been forced to look after a bitten newbie until she turns-or doesn't. And she's a cop, no less. Great. Just freaking great. But that ass of hers... He just wants a tiny nibble...

Of course, there's someone out there that thinks it'd be really great if she was six feet under. Now she's on the run and the chase is on. Ce may get away, but Riley is gonna catch her... and her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.00