End Balance

A one-night stand is supposed to be with a stranger you never see again. Back in the states to bury her father, Raquel meets an intriguing man and makes the decision to go for it. It was a satisfying carnal adventure, but the fond memories screech to a halt when she sees Hayden the next day at her father’s wake. She’s introduced and finds out her father was in the process of negotiating a merger with her lover of one night. Oops! 
Hayden is in hot pursuit of the merger, and truth be told, Raquel as well. But she’s proving difficult. After a steamy encounter at a fund-raiser, all bets are off and Hayden’s riding hell bent for leather in Raquel’s direction. She has no choice but to comply; her body won’t let her do otherwise. 
As their relationship grows, a hacker makes a play on Hayden’s company and makes Raquel look like the guilty party. They are together constantly, so he knows it wasn’t her. Who would want to bring Raquel’s company down and why?
With an erotic relationship that walks on the wild side taking up all her time, this mystery is a lot to handle. When everything comes to a boil, Raquel’s life will never be the same, and someone she’s always trusted will reveal their true hatred for her and their madness threatens to take her with them. Will Hayden be able to save her? And will their relationship be strong enough to go forward?
End Balance is definitely a page-turner that keeps you guessing until the very end. 

Book Blurb for End Balance

Reaffirming her sense of life after her father’s unexpected death, Raquel MacLendon loses herself in the pleasures of the flesh offered by a one-night stand.

Hayden Campbell goes to the wake to show his respect to a business colleague and instead finds the woman he had spent an amazing night with.

Raquel thinks Hayden’s continued pursuit of her is only a business ploy, but when he gives her the exact kind of attention she needs, she can no longer deny the indulgence of being with him. The result of their exercises in trust becomes crucial when a business foe threatens not only their companies but Raquel’s life.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 3.50