Born to Rule Book 1

Once upon a time..... The book starts out with an elder telling the tale of how the human race got to where it is today. And it ain't no fairytale. The human race has been sent backwards when to survive, tribes traveled the land. Nuclear bombs, war, disease - they all played part in the destruction of the electronic age. But wait! Aliens are part of this tale, and they have a mission to save earth and help it rebuild. But the natives don't see it that way ....

Terah and her three friends are running to safety, away from the marauding aliens. But instead they run right to them. By accident or design? Not much character building for Terah, other than she's the smartest of the group as she memorizes the map. Writing, reading and math are all lost. The lead male character, Andreas, is commander and kind of presents as an ass, but he has an agenda we don't know yet. The instant submission on Terah's part and instant demand for sex on Andreas' part left me a little repelled.

I enjoyed the story line, it was unique, but I had trouble rectifying a few things: What brought the aliens to earth? How was the "bride" and "magical pairing" discovered? The areas noted on descent into the atmosphere; how far advanced are they? I hope the following books answer these questions. I will be reading them to find out.

Book Blurb for Earth

Every twenty years a small group of warriors from Mu Arae 7 come to Earth to find their brides. Andreas captures Terah on the hill near where his spaceship lands and knows he has obtained his bride. He claims her immediately because he knows she’s the only woman for him.

Terah's running from trouble when she’s captured to be an alien’s slave. There’s nothing she can do to escape...but would she even want to?

Be Warned: anal sex, forced seduction, bondage

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 3.50