Droit de Seigneur

Hollow and dead inside, Guy feels as though his life is over.  The things he’s done in the name of king and country weigh heavy on his soul.  The only time he feels any joy is when he hears Claire, a village girl, sing.  When he finds she is about to be married he is devastated.  Her innocence and purity will be ruined, her light extinguished by the harsh realities of life.  If she is to be changed irrevocably, he will be the one to do it.

Life was hard in the time Guy and Claire lived in.   You were either born wealthy or fought and hoped to be rewarded for your efforts by your liege.  Guy has acquired much for the loss of his soul but finds he is unhappy with his lot.  Believing himself black to the bone Guy takes the advice of his squire and commands Droit de Seigneur, which is his right, to save himself from the rage he would feel if Claire is taken by her rightful husband.  How can anything good come of this?

Claire is naïve and does as she’s told.  Being of kind nature and having a loving soul, she embraces Guy and stuns him with her generosity.  Their joining becomes more to both, but they each go their separate ways afterward, hoping to be able to go on.

Poignant and heart wrenching, I read with rapt attention the dilemma facing Guy and Claire.  Love born of pure misery is their reward.  Can they do the unspeakable to be together?  An epic romantic read not to be missed.

Book Blurb for Droit de Seigneur

After the atrocities of the Crusades, Guy of Bournwood has returned home to nurse his wounds. Only the pure young woman he hears singing in the village brings him any joy. When he learns Claire is to be married, he faces the unthinkable – that another man will take her innocence. His only choice is to take her virginity himself.
Stand-alone from the author who launched the Secrets anthologies and Red Sage Presents e-books

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.50