Dragon Unleashed

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Dragon Unleashed

Dragon Point Book 3

I loved this fast paced story that had a narcissistic snob as a hero. And he's not your average hero, he's a dragon and that so makes everything alright. Tomas was an absolute delight in his dry wit and sarcasm ready to flay whoever got in his path. As the series goes, Chandra disappeared in a previous book and now we get to find out what, or who, happened to her. Abducted by the series villain, the good doctor finds herself just as much a prisoner as those she is forced to treat. But Tomas, while wildly attracted, believes her to be a willing pawn. And that's how things start to go downhill.

Tomas fights his desire for Chandra with what he believes to be true, but his dragon is having none of it. He's shocked more than anyone at some of his actions concerning the delicious doctor. Chandra is a no-nonsense person who has been misused by her own family enough that Tomas's treatment hardly registers and is at times endearing. Go figure.

The plot thickens, of course, with political machinations and a startling revelation on Tomas's behalf that he wants things he has denied wanting all his life. An entertaining fast paced read that kept me guessing and laughing in equal measure.

Book Blurb for Dragon Unleashed

Every dragon hoard starts with something…or someone.

Tomas hates scientists, especially since they abused him in such vile ways. And yet, there is something about the doctor that calms his inner beast.

Tomas craves her, even if she’s human. A treasure for his collection, but can he convince her to stay in his secret aerie?

Chandra is frightened by the dragon keeping her prisoner in his rocky tower. After what he's been through who can blame him for the madness within? However behind the arrogance and anger, she sees a glimmer of goodness too. Can he open his heart enough to let her in, or will he unleash his fury upon those who wronged him?

Humanity is learning dragons don't just exist in fairytales, and a prophecy about a golden dragon rising is gaining momentum. A war is brewing and the dragons must choose sides.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.50