Dragon Squeeze

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Dragon Squeeze

Dragon Point Book 2

And here I thought the universe revolved around me. But that’s not so, since it revolves around Adi and one shouldn’t disagree with a dragon. Since her sister mated, Adi is feeling the pressure to reproduce for her clan and she’s avoiding home while investigating the latest company that is trying to “help” shifters. Something just isn’t right and she’s going to use all resources to find out what. And that’s what Dexter is; a resource. But he’s big and sexy and smart. And those glasses!!!

Being added to a hoard isn’t a thing for Dexter; he’s reeling with the rest of the world over the existence of paranormal beings and dragons aren’t even on the list. Doing a good deed for a total stranger landed him in this small town and an added complication is Adi. Sexy, irreverent, demanding and slightly crazy is apparently a turn-on because when it comes to Adi, he has a hard time resisting.

Delightful jaunt complete with a mystery, mother’s who think highly of their offspring and lowly of others’ offspring and aren’t’ afraid to get physical about it. Personally, I found Adi a little much but one can’t fault her results. Dexter was all Beta until a situation erupted and then the Alpha came out. The story moved quickly and gave the reader a small understanding of contract negotiations and the importance of clarity in conditions and how love conquers all, even when you are not looking for it.

Book Blurb for Dragon Squeeze

Did you know geeky humans squeak when squeezed? Totally awesome.

Adi thinks there are plenty of things that are awesome, such as gravy and cheese on fries, motorcycles that growl, oh, and the fact that she is a wicked dragon with a freakishly cool power.

But do you know what’s more awesome than all that? A certain geeky fellow in charge of the IT department for a medical lab situated in small-town hell.

There is nothing small about Dexter, though. He might blush at certain things, and use his brain—not brawn—to succeed, but the man is built big. And Adi likes big things.

The fact that she likes him won’t mean squat to her mother, though. Dear old Mom will hate that he is human. She will dislike even more Adi’s plan to keep him.

Because he’s mine to keep and squeeze.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 4.00