Draeger's Legacy

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Draeger's Legacy

8th in the Shifter Series (can stand alone)

Book 8 in the series. Natasha has been raised and molded for submission. Her father has plans to use her as a tool to further his own interests, and as a member of the Shifter Council he believes he’s above the law. Even the laws he himself has written. And that is going to bite him on the ass.

Drake has potential and it’s making his father mad. He’s wasting himself by not growing up and taking life seriously. That all changes when Drake sees, and scents, Natasha. He grows up in a hurry when he realizes what she is and what that means for him. His mate. His life. His future. His to take. After all, it’s the law.

This was an awesome read. A guilty pleasure in regards to Drake simply taking Natasha and forcing her to feel for him. First sexually (very hot) and then emotionally. Not politically correct in the least, that’s what made it so enjoyable. The drama of Natasha’s father and his God Complex made me mad and incredulous. Mad for obvious reasons, incredulous because everyone allowed him to get away with it.

Book Blurb for Draeger's Legacy

Natasha Millard never knew what hit her when she caught the eye of Drake Draeger. She didn’t understand the hunger that his dark eyes held for her, or comprehend how much that hunger would consume her. And she had no clue what to do when he claimed her for himself, forsaking her father. The Draeger Legacy has come full circle. The claim has been made. Who will survive the burn of the mating? 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.00