Double Or Nothing

The Motorcycle Clubs Series, #15

Shy doesn't even resemble the woman in the first book about this committed menage. She has found her mojo and a major dose of bad-ass. Things are smoothing out for the trio but not so much for the MC. And that washes back on them in a big way but it doesn't even blip on their commitment radar. Granted, some foolish decisions are made by (of course) the men but all it takes is a well-informed woman to save the day.

When will guys learn not to protect women from the truth? Muscle and Beast could have really screwed up everyone's lives if they went ahead with their "plan." But at least Muscle came to the light side in time to save the day. Beast was so sweet in this book in his determination to save Shy. I'd take that man in a heartbeat.

The author went all out in the sex department, mixing things up with locations and changes (or revelations) in the dominance hierarchy in the trio. The story had a few surprises that I thoroughly enjoyed, Beast stole the show with his stoic determination, and Muscle showed he could be a functioning member of the trio rather than a separate entity. A fabulous end to the trio's story arc.

Book Blurb for Double Or Nothing


I’ve found a fragile happiness with my two men, Beast and Muscle, Warlords of the Bedlam Butchers. Our threesome works so well that I can’t imagine a day without them…or a night without both in my bed.

But a rival MC has decided that what’s in the past shouldn’t stay there. With loads of blackmail information on the line, Beast might be going back to prison unless we can make a deal. But what the other club is asking for is nothing less than me, in a stranger’s bed.

And Beast is going to sacrifice himself for me unless I find a way to save him…


DOUBLE OR NOTHING is a complete novella of 19,000 words and the third featuring Beast, Shy, and Muscle. No cliffhangers—only hot and sexy romance. The Motorcycle Clubs series is romance for readers who want all of the heat and emotion, but who don't have all of the time.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.50