Dominating Miya

Entwined Fates

You had to feel sorry for Miya. Surrounded by alpha males who like sex but don’t want to think about her having any. The irony! A woman of the world, Miya is sick of being protected and pampered, but now she actually needs protection. And who better than the man who makes her breathe fast?

Alex is attracted, heck why not admit it? In love with Miya but doesn’t want to damage his relationships with her father and brothers, especially Christian, his best friend. But when she’s threatened, this man who is a dom and a politician takes over and doesn’t take no for an answer. But the problem is Miya isn’t taking no for an answer either.

BDSM is the binding (pun intended) thread in this series and why the men are surprised at Miya’s choice is beyond me. Men are just so clueless, I guess. Once Alex crosses his personal boundary with Miya all bets are off and he’s determined to scare her off, but is shocked (and thrilled) that she likes his domination, even craves it. While not a submissive as he’s used to, he begins to realize her reaction is something they can build a working relationship on. The stalker was kind of a sideline and catalyst device, but I was surprised at who it was. A good addition to the series.

Book Blurb for Dominating Miya

Series: Entwined Fates; Previous Book: Up In Flames

Alex believes his world of BDSM sex would scare the hell out of Miya, not to mention she’s his best friend’s baby sister. Miya believes otherwise and shows up at his sex club to prove him wrong. Determined to prove himself right, Alex will use every toy and trick at his disposal, and then some. When he realizes just how perfect they are for each other, he'll also realize he may have gone too far.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.00