Divine Intervention

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Divine Intervention

Walker struggles with himself over what he deems inappropriate desire for his boss’s daughter. He’s known her since she was twelve! What kind of pervert does it make him to envision her naked under him? To avoid crossing a line he’s drawn, he assigns her security to those under his command and focused on her father, the Senator.

In danger due to an investigation that her father is conducting, Heather must stop her childish antics where her security is concerned. When an attempt is made against her, Walker is once again in charge of her security, and Heather couldn’t be happier. Can she push him to admit his feelings for her in the middle of this crisis?

Walker I’d take home in a heartbeat. Yum! Honorable and hot, he fights only himself and fortunately he finally loses that battle. Heather grated on my nerves in the beginning as her childish compulsion to ditch her security put herself and others at risk. Fortunately as the story progressed she matures. What I really enjoyed about this particular story was once Walker admitted to himself how he felt, he let Heather know and from that point on they were a unit. The crisis that pushes the story along wasn’t any tension between them, but her father’s investigation. That just left lots of chemistry and making up for lost time. With a touch of the paranormal, this was a quick read since I couldn’t seem to put it down.

Book Blurb for Divine Intervention

As head of Senator Prescott’s security detail, Walker had kept an eye on the Senator’s daughter, Heather, since she was twelve. When she turned eighteen, his feelings for her became way too inappropriate, so he put another team in charge of her and focused more on the Senator, but his thoughts were never too far away from Heather.

Now she’s twenty-four and the target of the men her father is trying to expose. Walker is once again put in charge of her protection. Unfortunately, Walker’s attraction to her hasn’t lessened and Heather knows it.

Heather has been in love with Walker since she was a teenager, so she sees this joined-at-the-hip thing as the perfect opportunity to get him to see her as something other than his job and the child she used to be. She knew he wanted her, it was just a matter of time before he gave in.

The men after her may put a kink in her seduction plans but with a little divine intervention, they may just survive the flying bullets.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.00