Disturbing His Peace

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Disturbing His Peace

The Academy

Every time Greer has cared about another human being he's suffered a loss. He's chosen to live a solitary existence, keeping any intimate contact to a minimum. This includes family and any possible romantic entanglement. When Danika arrives at the Academy, this gets harder to do.

Circumstance puts Greer and Danika in close proximity, and nature does the rest. Let's just say I'll never look at an overpass the same ever again. I really enjoyed the hot chemistry, the self denial, and the emotional birth of Greer. If Greer made himself unattainable, Danika did the exact opposite. Danika is always there for everyone, but never asks for any thing in return. And there are times she could use a respite or help. They both learned how to live a more rewarding life by learning from each other's mistakes.

Greer turned out to be a surprisingly well-rounded individual. He has interests outside of the police department, sort of. He has a gruff charm and is very thoughtful. The story never lacked for me, the action was consistent and always contributed to the forward movement of the story.

I really enjoyed this series, and couldn't pick a favorite if I had to. The creation of a couple who both have dangerous jobs was an interesting twist, with a very satisfying ending which involved exceptional groveling by Greer. Another winner by this author.

Book Blurb for Disturbing His Peace

She’s got probable cause to make her move . . .

Danika Silva can’t stand Lt. Greer Burns. Her roommate’s older brother may be sexy as hell, but he’s also a cold, unfeeling robot. She just wants to graduate and forget about her scowling superior. But when a dangerous mistake lands Danika on probation—under Greer’s watch—she’s forced to interact with the big, hulking jerk. Call him daily to check in? Done. Ride shotgun in his cruiser every night? Done. Try not to climb into his giant, muscular lap and kiss him? Umm…

Greer doesn’t let anything—or anyone—distract him from the job. Except lately, all he can think about is Danika. He’s wanted the beautiful, cocky recruit since the moment he saw her. But she’s reckless and unpredictable, and Greer is painfully aware of what can happen when an officer doesn’t follow the rules. Probation seemed like a good idea, but now Danika’s scent is in his car and he’s replayed her voicemails twenty times. Christ, he’s a goner.

Danika’s melting Greer’s stone-cold exterior one ride-along at a time. Being together could have serious consequences… but breaking a few rules never hurt anybody, right?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 4.50