Devon's Pair

Powertools, Book 4

Devon's Pair is a good read that was more in depth than previous books, or perhaps it just deepened the layers of all of the characters. It is steamy and sexy, and definitely not for the faint of heart, this continues the saga of the crew and just amps up my anticipation for more.

James and Neil are a committed couple but still plays with the crew. At least while the crew played. Now that they are all paired up it’s kind of curtailed the spontaneity that once ruled and everyone is careful of not trespassing. When a new member is added to help pick up the slack of often absent members due to couple commitments James and Neil are shocked when the HE they expected turns out to be a delectable morsel of a SHE. Devon fits right in and Neil is instantly attracted to her. While he’s committed to James he is still attracted to women, and his attraction to Devon reminds him of when he first met, and fell for, James. Now what?

Devon is sick of being the elephant in the room. Working in an all-male industry makes her the butt of many jokes and the object of a lot of sexual harassment. Hopeful the crew will be different she’s thrilled to be working with them. When she stumbles on Neil and James in an intimate moment it brings home how much she’s altered the atmosphere and how she’s become what she always despised. Can the crew, but more importantly Neil and James, convince her to stay?

As the dynamics change and tensions rise things come to a head with the crew. With permission the whole crew initiates Devon and it is a huge relief. As she, Neil and James find their way to each other the rest of the crew and their mates struggle how to define and live with their unique views and freedom in sexuality. Will the crew emerge stronger or forever damaged?

Book Blurb for Devon's Pair

Will his boyfriend's girlfriend become his girlfriend too?

James has watched each of the crew fall in love, one by one, until only he and his life partner Neil remain "unattached". So, when he sees the way his bisexual boyfriend is checking out their new apprentice, he's sure he's doomed to lose the man of his dreams.

His love is strong enough that he would let go to ensure Neil's happiness. Instead, sparks fly between the three of them-along with the rest of the crew-and he realizes he might not have to surrender because his boyfriend's girlfriend is becoming his girlfriend too.

Warning: The world's first m/f/m/f/m/f/m/m/f.we think. You never know exactly what's going to happen next when the crew gets back together, but it's guaranteed to be steamy.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00