Devin's Undoing

Devin Malone totally rearranged what she wanted out of life for her husband. Her payment? He divorces her for a younger woman after years of marriage. Hurt in ways she never imagined, she retreats and nurses her wounds. Totally not like her. And her friend and chauffeur Sam Braxton notices. He notices a lot more than that as well. Always has. He's been besotted with his employer since he first started working for her and her husband, and now may be the only chance he has of making her see him as a man. The man for her.

A cougar tale for sure, this also had a lot of emotion behind it as well. A woman coping with her identity after her divorce, fighting her own desires for a man she considers out of reach due to his younger age, and dealing with the vultures in her circle who are feasting on the gossip that used to be her life. While not a story with a happily ever after, it gives a hint that they are on the way there. Devin certainly grows during this short story, and Sam proves himself to be more than a man. He proves himself to be a true friend. The steam factor makes this a quick read that will get your pulse moving.

Book Blurb for Devin's Undoing

What’s the best form of revenge? After her husband of nineteen years leaves her for a woman half her age, Devin Malone is left with half his fortune, but also a huge chip on her shoulder. Determined to make him suffer, she goes after his best friend.

Yet after a month, she realizes that although revenge may be sweet, there’s got to be a better way than mind-numbing conversation and even worse sex. When she hears that David has proposed to the tramp he left her for, Devin retreats into her misery. But intervention comes from an unexpected source—the muscular form of Sam Braxton, her much younger friend and chauffeur. Sam proves to Devin that life—and great sex—does go on after David Malone. Devin just hadn’t looked in the right place or at the right man.

Publisher's Note: Previously published elsewhere under the title Driving Miss Devin. 

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 3.75