Alien Mate Index, #3

This series has been very enjoyable and I’m sad to see the trio of women’s stories coming to an end. Our hero this time is more traditional in his appearance except for his chameleon abilities and our heroine is not the type to jump into an adventure. Too bad she doesn’t have a choice.

Kristoff was a keeper and had so many good qualities it’s no surprise he was entrusted with the care of the empress of the universe. I was glad the Goddess of Mercy recognized him for all his sacrifices and he sacrificed a lot.

Charlotte was a little off putting at first with her stubbornness, but that’s what saw her through all the trials and tribulations that her destiny threw at her. She had the patience of Job and the backbone of a truly strong woman. It wasn’t long before I was rooting for her and Kristoff.

This series has a little flavor of the Kindred series in that both have an omnipotent goddess who oversees all life in the galaxy. The author wrote an intricate story of politics, greed and an all encompassing love and passion that couldn’t be denied. A must read if you enjoy this author.

Book Blurb for Descended

Charlotte Walker is just an intern trying to get through her surgical rotation in one piece when her life takes an abrupt turn for the weird. A seven-foot tall patient with multicolored eyes and golden skin shows up in the ER asking for her. When he tells Charlotte she's supposed to be the Empress of the entire galaxy, she naturally thinks he's high or crazy or both.

He's not.

Kristoff Verrai is the Captain of the Imperial Guard of the Goddess-Empress of the galaxy. For ten cycles he served his old mistress faithfully. Now that she is dead, his only job is to find and protect her new Incarnation until she can ascend the throne.

He doesn't expect to fall in love with her.

But a relationship between them can never be--the Empress must have a Consort with Royal blood and Kristoff is just a commoner.

Can they fight the love growing between them? Or will it overwhelm them?

If only Charlotte wasn't Descended from the most powerful female in the universe, they might have a chance...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 4.50