Demon Walking

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Demon Walking

Dragon Point Book 6

Even bad guys need love! And Elspeth is just the dragon to give Lucifer (yes, a relation) what he needs. Both Lucifer and Elspeth were delightfully clueless about the logistics of living in today's world, but for totally different reasons.

Elspeth has been protected by her family due to some special circumstances which no one ever speaks about. That is revealed later in the book and it's a doozy. As a result of living as she has, Elspeth isn't too aware of nuances such as sarcasm and just down right meanness. She's a shining light of naivety. And who better to be her life mate than a man who was raised in darkness?

Lucifer has just recently entered our dimension and even though he grew up in a dungeon, he's still got an attitude that all he encounters are there to serve him. And it usually works. But his narcissistic attitude gets him in a pickle or two and it's fun to see him work his way out.

With the authors usual wit and razor sharp sense of humor I breezed through this delightful read. It had everything needed to keep the reader entertained and intrigued while also satisfying a romantic.

Book Blurb for Demon Walking

Now that he's escaped his prison, the dragons will pay...

Eons ago, humanity punished Luc’s people by banishing them to another realm. The demons adapted to their new world, changed their violent ways, and ditched their monstrous alter egos. They lived in peace and prosperity until the dragon mages joined them in exile—and killed them to survive.

Now there is only one demon left, and he’s ready for revenge.

Luc’s plans to rule the world don’t bother Elspeth in the least. A man should have a goal in life. As for his perpetual frown, she’s determined to turn it upside down. All he needs is a great big hug, and if she’s lucky he won’t break like the other boys do. He might even be strong enough to handle her in bed.

But first she’s got to convince her king not to lynch him because apparently someone’s been sucking the souls of dragons. If they’re right, and Luc is to blame, then she might be next.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2018 4.50