Del Fantasma: Mudslide

Contemporary paranormal erotica

Estranged from her father for years, Callisto Monroe now works in his law firm as a negotiator to the paranormal world.   When she meets a devastatingly handsome man with red eyes, it doesn’t even occur to her right away that he is not human.  The chemistry is instant, and when he invites her to his home for a no holds barred weekend, she’s all for it. 

Pietro is soon to be crowned king of the demons.  His advisors have picked out his bride, but what he wants is a mate; one of his own choosing.  When he sees Callisto for the first time, he is drawn to her and invites her to his home for the weekend.  What is he doing?!  He can’t afford a relationship with a mortal.  But then it becomes obvious he can be with no one else, and will do everything and anything he can to make Callisto his queen. 

Pietro is what I’d call a go-getter.  After a short period of time his mind is made up that Callisto is the one for him, and he won’t stop until he makes her his.  So what if his people will want to kill her for being with him?  That’s inconsequential to the certainty he feels that his life will be empty without her.  But how to convince Callisto?

Damaged from her childhood as a pawn between her parents, Callisto is hesitant about any man.  Add in that merely being with Pietro could get her killed and it seems obvious that she should just walk away.  But that’s the problem – she can’t.  What’s more, she doesn’t really want to.  Can real love win out over tradition? 

This was a page sizzler from the first word.  Pietro’s no nonsense take-no-prisoners attitude was a major turn-on.  Callisto’s hesitance was totally understandable, and added a little bit of common sense to the whole scenario.  A different kind of read with a lot of emotion going on.  Worth the time.

Book Blurb for Del Fantasma: Mudslide

Pietro, future king of the demons is looking for a mate. He doesn't expect to find her in mortal, Callisto Monroe. At first he wanted a fling but as be begins to bond with her, he ends up falling in love with her. He claims her as his mate and future queen of the demons. Will she accept what fate has now thrust upon her?

Callisto Monroe works a negotiator for the paranormal world. When she goes to a friend's wedding and meets sexy as sin demon, Pietro, sparks fly. She agrees to spend the weekend with him. When she finds out he is the future king of the demons, their growing relationship takes on a whole new dimension. Will he be able to convince her to stay with him and rule by his side?

Can he convince her that they should be together despite the fact that she is mortal and he is a demon?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 3.50