An angel who is a little naughty. A demon with a splash of good. When fate throws them together to consummate a timeless contract to keep Heaven and Hell balanced, no one expected what happened. They fell in love. How can they be together? But more importantly, how can they stay apart?
This was a really different spin for a story. The childishness of Elandra and her constant desire for more led her inevitably on the path of defilement by her demon lover. But is it really defilement if it is what you desire?  
Raziel has always struggled with who he is. Not evil enough for his father, he puts on a good show but there is a pesky streak of goodness in him that Elandra unknowingly brings to light and makes stronger. While both are older than time, they were both innocent and naïve in the ways of love. Like children they explored what drew them, and instead of their downfall found what they were always meant to be; together. Very romantic and innovative while delivering an erotic punch. Highly recommended.

Book Blurb for Defiled

Every millennium the most innocent angel in all of Heaven is sacrificed to the most evil demon in Hell. Elandra is this angel. Though she fears for her life and her virtue, she never dreams that she will find true love in Hell.

Raziel is half-demon, brought up by his powerful father to take control of the underworld. But when Elandra is presented to him, he can’t bring himself to hurt her. Instead he lets her go.

Back in Heaven, Elandra can’t forget the beautiful demon with the blazing eyes. Raziel’s touch has started a fire in her soul and though she knows it is forbidden, she can’t help wishing to see him again. Their love must be a secret, but Elandra’s pure beauty incites the demonic half of Raziel’s nature. Can a demon love an angel without hurting her? For if Raziel is unable to keep his lust in check, Elandra will be cast out of Heaven for being…defiled.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.00