Death by Sex

It’s not bad enough Joely has moved back into her parents home with no job, no man and no plans for her future. She’s also a bridesmaid in her younger sister’s wedding.  And the groom?  Only her old boyfriend from college.  Might as well paint a big red “L” on her forehead!  Determined to get through the reception, Joely turns to alcohol and a drink called “Death by Sex”.  If she gets plastered enough, she can maybe have an interlude with a groomsman.  She just has to pick one out.  But what if two groomsmen pick her, instead?

Tucker and Beck were best friends with Joely in college, but they lost touch after graduation.  They always were there for her when she needed them years ago, and they are going to be there for her now.  Being with Tuck and Beck again makes her feel safe and remember how attractive she always found them and Joely finds herself facing a decision.  Society dictates she choose one man, but what if she can’t?

If only we all had such problems!  Tuck and Beck are a dream come true.  While one might think they are taking advantage of an inebriated women, which they kind of are, they are also making a commitment and move on the woman they love.  Joely sobers up fast, and makes the conscious decision to be with them both, thinking it’s one night only.  But Tuck and Beck want more, and are determined to convince Joely.  While far-fetched and fantastical, this quick read will definitely hit the right chord with many a woman.  And isn’t fantasy what it’s all about?

Book Blurb for Death by Sex

This is an expanded version of the previously published book with the same title.

One night. Two gorgeous groomsmen. Is she up to the challenge?

When her sister marries her ex-boyfriend, Joely Nelson is torn between which old friend to forget the past. Tucker Brennan fits the tall, dark, and he’s mine mold, and is the kind of guy you can cuddle with. Beck’s blond curls beg to be touched, as do his six-pack abs. Seeing them again makes her wonder why she’d never hooked up with either guy before. The trouble is, she can’t decide which she’d prefer.

But as the evening progresses, she sees the chance to answer the question of the night—Tucker or Beck?

On the other hand, who says she can have only one?

Warning: This book contains two sexy, seductive hunks and one very lucky woman engaging in enough passion to singe your senses. Best consumed with a cold cocktail and a hot partner.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 3.25