Dead Reckoning

Kathryn has always envied what her best friend Lisa had. Nick and Brian. After Lisa’s death at the hands of a serial killer, Kathryn was there for both men, but the tragedy tore them apart. Maintaining a friendship with both, years have passed and now the killer is back again. Or did he ever leave?

Moving on with her life, Kathryn owns a business she loves and shares with her friend and roommate Janie. When the serial killer from the past becomes active again, Nick and Brian are on the case and being very protective of her. She has developed feelings for both men through the years as they have for her. But sharing was too difficult with Lisa, and neither want to share Kathryn. But she knows what she wants and she won’t choose between them. It’s all or nothing.

I swear this author could write an enthralling grocery list. Never having loved two men (how unfortunate) I can’t begin to understand what kind of tension that would place on someone. I respected Kathryn’s decision not to choose, but felt sorry for Nick and Brian since they really didn’t want to go there again. Although they both loved Lisa, they hid that relationship from the world and had trust between them; something that was lost after she was murdered. Now they have to rebuild the trust to have a similar relationship with Kathryn. While the mechanics of a menage are still all they remember they are both having troubles with jealousy and envy. That is the problem.

Very steamy and at times funny, this was a mystery that I didn’t figure out right away. The author laid a few false clues that made it more interesting. The paranormal aspect of the story enhanced rather than drove the story line, and gave things just an edge of creepiness.

Book Blurb for Dead Reckoning

Friendship torn asunder, Nick and Brian vie for Kathryn, body and heart. But Kathryn refuses to chose between the two men struggling to protect her, and also refuses to reveal her deadly secret.

When the ghost of her murdered friend tries to contact her, Kathryn will have no choice but to drag Nick and Brian into the nightmare that’s plagued her since childhood. But her psychic connection with the murdered victims attracts the attention of the serial killer responsible for their deaths. When the killer returns and threatens the life of the woman they both love, Nick and Brian's friendship will either be mended or all three may be destroyed forever.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, menage (m/f/m), violence.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.50