Dashing Through the Stars

The Ujal, #5

Apparently planet earth is Walmart for alien species looking for brides. It’s Christmas and the Ujal, in particular Tave, are struggling with the concept and execution of Christmas. Mathematically and practically it just can’t happen, so what’s the point?

As Tave and Rina focus on their celebrations, a shadow falls over planet earth in the form of new aliens and deeply hidden hatred by some officials on earth for the Ujal and anyone who has been changed into Ujal. And what a mess it all makes.

This was quick holiday read that you can’t expect to follow as well as someone who has read all the previous books. The author solidifies the relationships established in previous books as well as showing the evolution of said relationships and the formation of new ones. Family is often chosen instead of being genetic and honor crosses all communication barriers. There was some fun times and sexy times as well as drama and danger. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Book Blurb for Dashing Through the Stars

The holidays are a time of love, joy, and… meeting a new alien species?

Prince of the Ujal, Tave fa V’yl-Zeret, will do anything to make his mate happy. Even if that means celebrating a holiday he does not understand. (Tave does not care what human lore states, a single human could not circle the globe and deliver toys to every child.)

This year’s biggest concern isn’t whether he purchased enough toys for his youngling, but the alien battleship that enters Earth’s orbit.

Are they friend? Or foe? Will Tave’s family and friends live to see Christmas morning? Or will they all perish on Christmas Eve? For there is a humbug willing to go to any lengths to stop peace talks. Lengths that include kidnapping royalty and… assassination.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.00