Natural Selection

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Natural Selection

Research & Desire, #2

How do two porcupines mate? Very carefully. That’s what I envisioned as Darwin and Tom were “courting.” A lot of phone conversations take place while they go out and phone sex is had before the real deal. Tom is dealing with the trauma of a hate crime and Darwin is patient and nurturing. Not what one would expect from a man like Darwin, but looks can be deceiving. Darwin proves himself to be what Tom needs to heal from his trauma. As Tom grows stronger and his feelings for Darwin grow as well, he finds strength he didn’t know he had. Darwin has his own issues and of such a nature no one could ever guess what they were.

When the past catches up the true test of Tom and Darwin’s love begins. While nerve-wracking the danger adds to the fire of their passion. Hot! Both men were sexy in their own way and absolutely perfect and well suited. With some laugh out loud moments it provided more than just a vehicle for mindless copulation; this was a real relationship developing. While I wished for a more definitive HEA this is book two in a series of five. Guess I’ll just have to keep reading to see how things end.

Originally reviewed under the title "Darwin's Natural Selection" on 12/6/12.

Book Blurb for Natural Selection

There's something wickedly naughty about love on the run 

Darwin Bloom has no true identity—his laboratory creators made sure of that. Darwin isn't his real name and living on the lam doesn't exactly allow for deep romantic relationships, but the feelings he's developed for engineer Tom Cooper are strong enough to try. 

Tom Cooper's life changed forever when he met Darwin. Gone are his fears of intimacy—Tom wants to do whatever Darwin asks, whenever he asks. How is it that the big, beautiful construction worker can seem dangerous and delicious at the same time? 

But when Darwin's mysterious past comes back with a vengeance, there's more than just incredible sex at stake. Darwin promised Tom he'd never leave him…but keeping him safe might mean doing just that. 

This book is approximately 68,000 words 

Previously published under the title Darwin's Natural Selection

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.00