Darkness Falls

Alana fell into her career as a ghost hunter. A writer by trade, she's found satisfaction in pursuing the paranormal and trying to debunk it. If she can't debunk, she documents. Her latest assignment has her all excited and its about the man who contacted her and her crew rather than the house they are to investigate. Aiden has been a constant on the phone over the last few weeks and she can't wait to meet him in the flesh. Their attraction is noticeable over the phone. How will it be in person?

Aiden and Noah share the inheritance of the haunted house that Alana and her crew are investigating. Noah had an encounter there as a young man that he can't remember and has never returned. Aiden and he have been "connected" since that night as well. When one hurts the other feels it. And with Alana on the scene, that reciprocation of feeling has turned sexual as well. Noah remembers he was told that he and Aiden would find a third and then the connection would be complete. Is Alana the third?

This was a different kind of story right from the start. With elements of the paranormal leading the way there was also the machinations of a very real mortal killer. This character was spooky in the extreme and at times gave me the creeps. I imagine that was what the author was going for!

While I knew this was a m‚nage going in, I didn't get that vibe to start. I was getting into the Aiden/Alana romance and then there was Noah. I don't know how to say it but the segue into a threesome wasn't as smooth as some of this author's other stories. Once the three were together, then the dynamic started to get smoother and the story flowed. Expertly juggling multiple story lines is an art and the author showed her talent by constantly keeping things moving and cohesive while still separate.

The main focus was the mystery for me because it was so intriguing. The romance between Aiden, Alana and Noah was steamy and all but seemed effortless. Sure, there was the usual angst but not for the usual reasons. The fact that both brothers held prominent positions in the community was never addressed and I thought that a little odd. The characters of Alana's best friends and their interactions added levity and a sounding board for Alana, and I could all but see the little devil and angel on her shoulders when these three dissected a problem. All in all a very intriguing read which provided quite a few shockers.

Book Blurb for Darkness Falls

Genre: Paranormal Menage
Length: Novel

Even though ghosts are Alana's life, she tends to take a more realistic approach to them, often even debunking paranormal activity. When she’s offered the chance to investigate one of the largest and most haunted houses in the country, she and her team jump at the chance. But what starts out as a promising adventure turns dangerous fast. At the center of it all is a set of twins Alana finds herself between. Literally.

Noah and Aiden share a connection that strengthens the second Alana enters their town. Unfortunately, the two don’t make that great of a first impression when the connection they share spills over to Alana. Seducing her in the middle of a paranormal investigation, that is proving to be more human than ghostly, is not exactly what the two had in mind. In order to win her over, they’ll do whatever they think they have to.

But before anyone can focus on happily ever after, they’ll have to decipher the ramblings and clues of a female ghost or Alana’s best friend will become the next victim of a very human killer.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, menage (m/f/m). 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.50