Dark Magic

Magic Series, Book 5

The final book in the saga of the D’Anu witches and D’Danann Warriors delivers in a spectacular way. This book focuses on the mysterious Cassia and the smoking hot Jake Macgregor. 
As leader of the Paranormal Special Forces Unit, Jake is carrying the weight of the world, or maybe worlds, on his shoulders. At least that’s what it feels like. Add in his guilty conscience of comrades lost during his military career, and you’ve got a man with an iron-clad heart. Nothing can make a dent in his emotions. At least, that’s what he thinks. 
Cassia isn’t what she presents herself to be. Her true self has been emerging throughout this series, and we are finally made privy to her secret. And it’s a whopper with ramifications that spread far and wide. Bred for a purpose, and raised with that stamped into her brain, Cassia is at a crossroads. She knows which way she is expected to travel, but her heart is leading her in another direction. How can she choose?
With vivid battles, deceit that digs deep into the coven, and a love that can’t be denied, I couldn’t put this book down. The relationship between Jake and Cassia had unique obstacles, which were heart wrenching, but also had moments that were funny. The author has a way of tying up all lose ends in a way that doesn’t seem trite or sickening, just right. Do yourself a favor and read this delightful ending to a truly fabulous series. 

Book Blurb for Dark Magic

Thrills went through Cassia as if the golden sparkles drifting through the room were in her belly, too.
The mirror rattled harder.
A sensation of power rolled through her as Jake leaned close to her mound and folds and took another audible inhalation.
“You smell musky and sweet.” He pressed light kisses to her smooth mound. “Have you ever had an orgasm?” He asked as he looked up and met her eyes.
She shook her head, feeling hotter and hotter from their conversation.
“Have you ever touched yourself?” He stroked her clit and she jerked as a spasm of sensation washed over her.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.75