Dangerously His

Loving Dangerously, #4

I've really enjoyed this series but have to say none of the following books have exceeded the first. And that's not to say they aren't good reads and that I inhale them when I get them. I love the world the author has created and how the humans who have survived Earth being conquered have persevered. This is JB's story, part of the pirate crew that the series has primarily revolved around. JB is a manwhore, no doubt about it. If he can screw it he tries (and succeeds). But then something magical happens; he falls in love.

JB and Saia take one look at each other and it's a done deal. Too bad Saia is contracted to marry another. From that moment on JB is faithful to Saia, even though he doesn't realize it. All the sex was about finding his heart and when he did, he could wait. And wait he did. Saia is about as cloistered as you can get. Raised to be a bartering tool she is manners and grace personified. That's one thing about this story that didn't ring true for me; when things got steamy Saia developed a potty mouth. I didn't buy it.

The intrigue and machinations involved to make it possible for JB and Saia to be together were major and involved many. I sincerely look forward to more in this series.

Book Blurb for Dangerously His

Justin “JB” Blake has never met a woman he couldn’t bed—or one he wants to keep. That changes the second he lays eyes on Princess Saia Xochis. The beautiful alien makes his body burn and his heart ache. She will be his. All JB has to do is risk life and limb at the hands of her abusive father, her protective brother, and her warmongering intended mate.

The possibilities of death and dismemberment have never stopped him before.

Inside Scoop: This book has a small taste of female/female fun—as well as scenes of abuse that are decidedly not fun.

A Romantica® sci-fi erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 3.50