Cyberevolution Book 2

Amaryllis is a hunter. She’s mostly human, mostly. Born Amanda Rios on a terra farming planet, Amaryllis was born without arms or legs due to faulty radiation shields. When she got older, and her parents saved enough credits, she was fitted with cybernetic limbs and malformed organs replaced with bio-engineered ones. But she was born human. 
Years later, in her chosen profession as a hunter, she is caught up in a trap set by the newly forming Cyborg Nation. The only problem is, she’s not cyborg.   Amaryllis will do anything to keep from being found out that she’s not one of them. Who knows what they would do if they find she is a hated human? 
The fun begins when she is first scanned and her tech hides her in his cabin to avoid her being detected.  What will he want in exchange? Then there is Reese, her former partner. What secrets was he keeping? Then enter Cain, her recruitment officer. Suddenly he’s paying her a lot of attention in the detention brig. To what end?
Ms. O’Connor has written an emotional erotic read that paints a rather dismal future for mankind. Trying to play God, we bite off more than we can chew. But who has to pay for our mistakes? Full of intrigue, some humor, and a lot of angst, definitely a good read. 

Book Blurb for Cyborg

Freed from persecution by their creators, the emerging Cyborg race establish their own world. Amaryllis is among the hunters rescued and, per Cyborg law, expected to take no less than two, nor more than four, male companions. She has one serious problem. She’s not a Cyborg.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00